European Tourism Careers has developed a Toolkit for Training Organisations and Public Authorities.

The Ideate toolkit is intended for use by public authorities, training providers, and other similar organisations who work to enhance the appeal of careers in tourism.

The toolkit provides information and guidelines on how to use the following tools:

  • Tourism Career Pathways (TCPs)

Tourism Career Pathways cluster different tourism jobs that require similar skills, competencies and credentials. We have developed six of these.

  • Six videos with example profiles for Tourism Career Pathways

These videos bring to life the selected TCPs with real life examples of ambassadors working in tourism.

  • Two videos about the funding and mobility opportunities the EU offers for SMEs and young jobseekers

These videos are aimed to help readers find their way around the many opportunities the European Union offers to SMEs and jobseekers, from funding opportunities to job offers.

  • Three online training modules for tourism jobseekers
  • Three online training modules for SMEs

E-learning courses with a user-centred approach to actively involve the target groups to improve the qualification of human capital for the tourism sector.

Download here the European Tourism Careers Toolkit for Training Organisations and Public Authorities