Soft Skills

Price FREE
Duration 8,5 hours

The course targets tourism businesses directors or executives working in human resources management and other leadership positions. It helps them evaluate and re-adapt their emotional intelligence skills in order to establish a motivating and balanced relation with their employees.


Session 1 Understanding soft skills  (1,5 h)

This session focuses on soft skills comprehension and identification, in order to understand which profiles are more suitable for a career in tourism and recruit motivated employees.

Session 2 Emotional intelligence  (2,5 h)

This session explains emotions structure and typologies, as well as which role they play in professional relations.

Session 3 Leadership  (3 h)

This session defines the concept of leadership and identifies the different styles managers usually adopt, focusing on best practices for an improvement of co-workers communication.

Session 4 Assessment  (1,5 h)

Self – assessment and evaluation of the knowledge acquired in the previous sessions.