Communication and work relationships management

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Duration 9 hours

Communication competences and skills are considered one of the most important factors in the work environment, specifically in the tourism sector where the daily interactions are based on communication with co-workers, customers and stakeholders. For this reason, it is necessary to be able to communicate effectively and to learn how to manage conflicts and find solutions both inside the staff and with customers.


Session 1:  Communication techniques and tools  (4 h)

The session offers a quick overview of the approaches and tools to deal effectively with communication in work environment, mainly focusing on corporate communication.

Session 2: Intercultural communication  (1 h)

The session highlights the importance of taking into account cultural issues when dealing with foreign customers in tourism services.

Session 3: Conflict management approaches and techniques  (4 h)

The session is aimed at presenting the main approaches to deal with conflict situations in the workplace and to find efficient solutions to turn these conflicts into an opportunity for improvement and growth.