Press Conference – Athens conference about the IdEATE

Date 2017-Jun-9
Location Athens

On occasion of the IdEATE project meeting, a press conference was held in Athens on Friday 9 June. The conference on « IdEATE – Improved Employability and Apprenticeship in the Tourism Sector » focused on the main contents of the project, promoting European tourism career opportunities and providing training for jobseekers and SMEs. In this regard, Mr. Carbone unveiled some details about the new e-learning platform. The speakers highlighted the importance of the tourism sector in Europe and the potential of IdEATE project in enhancing quality employment in this sector.
Among the others, the conference was addressed by: Silvia Barbone (Federturismo Confidustria), Alessandro Carbone (Academy of Entrepreneurship) and Alexandros Angelopoulos (CEO of Aldemar Resorts; Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE) and Hellenic Chamber of Hotels).


Athens conference – press release

APE MPE –  « Education is the key for competitiveness in the tourism sector »