EU for SMEs

The European Union has a world leading position in tourism. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating in the tourism sector represent the core of this success. To help them internationalise end expand their activities, the EU provides European employers with many effective instruments to hire the most appropriate workers from all over the continent. Given the crucial role of small and medium enterprises in the European economy, the EU implements several measures intended to support SMEs with dedicated funds and helping them hire European professionals.

If you are an SME owner or manager, discover below the tools offered by the European Union to support your enterprise and to find the perfect employee.


EURES (European Employment Services) is a cooperation network of public employment services. It helps companies find motivated and skilled workers with a variety of backgrounds and wide experience, wishing to move to another country for work. On the EURES platform, you will find information, advice and recruitment services.

The EURES website, the European Job Mobility Portal, helps employers find the most suitable candidate. By registering on EURES you will have access to a wide pool of CVs matching your requirements and criteria, and you will be able to save and organise candidate profile to make recruitment easier.

Register now on the  EURES portal

Furthermore, a human network of more than 1.000 EURES advisers across Europe will assist with practical, legal and administrative matters.

Find your local  EURES adviser.


Drop’pin@EURES is the place where companies and organisations can promote and showcase their youth opportunities designed to help young Europeans take their first steps into the labour market. Opportunities on this online platform include apprenticeships, traineeships, training programmes, e-learning courses, language training, mobility support, coaching and mentoring etc.

These opportunities must be free of charge for young people to take part in. This project, led by the European Commission, aims to support young people prepare for the world of work while developing the skills businesses need for future growth and competitiveness in the tourism sector.

Drop’pin@EURES also facilitates matching of youth opportunities with the right young person’s profile by granting access to a large number of skilled jobseekers across Europe. On the platform, employers are able to find the perfect match by browsing CVs of potential candidate online. The tool additionally allows organisations to directly and easily post youth opportunities on the portal, which can be seen by young EURES members from all over Europe.

Organisations from all over Europe, including corporates, SMEs, NGOs, schools and other education providers have already joined this unique opportunity to help shape the future of the European labour market.

  • Develop future skills now Help young people by giving them new skills today, and have a bigger choice of highly-skilled employees for your tourism business tomorrow.
  • Showcase the socially responsible heart of your business. Benefit from the positive image that comes from taking part in a worthwhile initiative to improve the lives of young Europeans.
  • Find the perfect match for your youth opportunity. Access a European-wide recruitment pool and find the right candidate for you in the tourism sector.

What is Drop’pin@EURES? Publish your opportunities on Drop’pin@EURES and let the talent come to you! Download the leaflet here.


Your first EURES job

Your first EURES job (YfEj) helps companies find the workforce they need for their hard-to-fill vacancies among young jobseekers aged 18-35, who will receive financial contribution from the EU in the first phase of their contract. The EUJOB4EU Platform gathers the CVs of young jobseekers coming from all EU28 countries + Norway and Iceland that are available for a job, traineeship or apprenticeship. The YfEj initiative provides employers with free tailor-made services throughout the hiring process and financial support for the integration of newly hired young workers:

  • Over 38.000 candidates are registered on the EUJOB4U platform. To pick the best candidate, experienced consultant members of the EURES network carry out an accurate internal sourcing and screening process.
  • YfEj scheme grants employing SMEs financial support to cover some of the costs of an integration programme for relocating workers: from 810€ to 1.620€ for a Basic Induction Training and from 1.010€ to 2.000€ for a Comprehensive Induction Training.
  • Based of a customer-oriented approach, each employer receives follow-up from a personal adviser during the entire process.

Find out more about Your first EURES job and post your job offer on the YfEJ platform to get all the advantages! Download the guide!


Erasmus+, the European programme for youth mobility, has proven to be a key instrument in the European integration process. Erasmus+ fosters connections between education and labour market needs and encourages SMEs to cooperate, through a variety of initiatives:

  • SMEs can host students enrolled in first, second or third study cycle as trainees for 2 to 12 months. The Erasmus+ Traineeship programme provides trainees with an insurance covering the full period of their stay abroad, as well as a monthly allowance. Contact the international relations office of the educational institutions you are interested in cooperating with to know more about this opportunity.
  • Strategic Partnerships aim at the development, transfer and implementation of innovative practices and joint initiatives promoting cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at European level.
  • Knowledge Alliance are based on the cooperation between educational institutions and businesses with the purpose of enhancing technology and innovation in higher education and enterprises and within the broader socio-economic context in all European countries.

To find out relevant information about funding opportunities and application procedures, as well as the new call for proposals for Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances, visit the Funding section on the Education, Audio-visual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) website.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme

An experienced SME can host a new entrepreneur for an in-job training experience through the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme. Host SMEs will contribute to developing the young entrepreneurs’ skills and know-how. At the same time, they will  benefit form the concrete contribution and expertise of the new entrepreneur  and from international cooperation with a foreign business willing to expand its own market.

Search for your local contact point that will guide you throughout your exchange and take your business to new European heights!

Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship axis of EaSI

Do you need funding to foster your micro-enterprise? The EU is supporting businesses and micro-enterprises, as well as social enterprises, in getting access to microcredit and microloans. The EaSi Guarantee Instrument helps micro- and social enterprises access ad hoc financing schemes.

Micro-enterprises are enterprises employing less than 10 people and having an annual turnover or annual balance sheet total of maximum € 2 million: they represent the vast majority of European enterprises. As micro-enterprises, especially start-ups, experience difficulties accessing credit, the EaSI Guarantee Instrument represents a valuable opportunity. It offers a sustainable financing scheme to get loans of up to 25.000€ for those who may not easily obtain financial credit for risk considerations.

Social enterprises having an annual turnover or balance sheet not exceeding € 30 million can benefit from EU support too. Social enterprises do not have a single legal form. They are described as enterprises that have the common good as societal mission, and/or whose profits are mainly reinvested to achieve this social objective, and/or whose method of organization or ownership system reflects the enterprise’s mission. EaSI Guarantee Instrument offers a variety of debt financing products, including loans, mezzanine loans, subordinated debts, leases and profit-sharing loans, up to € 500.000.

To know more about EaSI Guarantee Instrument and get access to micro-credit, find your local financial intermediary!

Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020)

Finally, to be informed about all the European financing opportunities in the tourism sector, the EU has published a comprehensive “Guide on EU funding for the tourism sector (2014-2020)”: a precious information tool describing all the programs and opportunities available in the tourism sector.

The guide is available for free download