EU for Jobseekers

The European Union is the top tourist destination in the world. To maintain its high-level standards and encourage jobseekers mobility, the EU provides a range of opportunities to connect workers with potential employers in the tourism sector all around Europe.

If you are a jobseeker, prepare at best for the European job market and discover all the instruments the EU provides to help you find the job you are looking for.


When you look for a job abroad, presenting your skills and qualifications clearly may be a tough task. ‘Europass’ is the key to facilitate this process within the EU. It will help you and your potential employer communicate and make the skills and qualification acquired in different countries clearly undestandable. Europass is made of five documents:

–  Two freely accessible documents that you can fill online to present your profile at best:

  • the Curriculum Vitae is the most important tool when searching for a new job, it helps you present your skills and qualifications effectively and clearly. You can create your CV online using tutorials or download the template, with examples and instructions.
  • the Language Passport is a self-assessment tool for language skills and qualifications. You can create your Language Passport online using tutorials or download the template, with examples and instructions.

– Three documents issued by education and training authorities, describing the knowledge and skills acquired during your European mobility:

  • the Europass Mobility records your achievements in another European country
  • the Certificate Supplement describes the results accomplished by holders of vocational education and training certificates;
  • the Diploma Supplement describes your competences as a holder of higher education degrees.


Within the successful European youth mobility programme, there are several training and networking opportunities for students and young workers. Through the Erasmus+ programme, you will enhance your employability and careers perspectives by acquiring relevant knowledge and competencies. Choose the Erasmus+ programme that best matches your profile.

Are you a higher education student?

The Erasmus+ Traineeship programme offers students enrolled in a first, second or third study cycle or those who graduated no more than 12 months prior to the start date of their exchange,  the opportunity to contribute to an enterprise or any other relevant workplace for a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 12 months. Under the Erasmus+ Traineeships programme, the candidate is granted insurance coverage for the full period, as well as a 480/430 € monthly allowance (the amount varies according to the country of destination) covering living costs.

Contact the international relations office of your education institution to know more about this opportunity!

Are you attending a vocational training school or doing an apprenticeship?

A VET (Vocational Education and Training) traineeship lasting between 2 weeks and 12 months is available both for students in vocational training schools and apprentices. Under Erasmus+ VET Traineeship programme, you will be hosted either at a workplace or a VET school, where you will follow courses in line with your professional profile. The EU will be in charge of travel and subsistence costs during your period abroad.

Contact the competent office in your institution to know how to get involved!

Are you a youth worker, part of an NGO or a member of a youth centre staff?

You can participate in activities such as international seminars, training courses, networking events, study visits, etc. or job shadowing/observation periods abroad in an organisation operating in the field of youth. Your participation in such activities contributes to capacity building in your organisation and will have a clear impact on your daily work with young people. You will have the opportunity to learn actively in an international and informal context and apply this newly acquired knowledge in the youth field.

To find out more about these activities, requirements and procedures to participate, browse portals such as or national organization websites.


EURES (European Employment Services) is a cooperation network that helps you find your next job. With EURES you may find a job or a youth opportunity (traineeships, apprenticeships) to enhance your CV in Europe. EURES is ready to assist you with information, advice and placement services.

The EURES website, the European Job Mobility Portal, is a valuable tool to find the job, traineeships or apprenticeships you are currently looking for. Register on EURES and make your CV available to an extended network of European employers.

Browse job offers on EURES portal

Furthermore, a human network of more than 1.000 EURES advisers across Europe is always available to offer personalised assistance with practical, legal and administrative matters.

Find your local EURES adviser



Do you want to increase your chances of finding a job in the tourism sector by upgrading your skills? Don’t know where to begin?

Drop’pin@EURES is the place for you. This online platform is where you can discover opportunities to improve your employability, and bridge the gap between education and a future career in the accomodation, gastronomy or tour & travels sectors. . Whatever kind of opportunity you’re looking for to improve your chances of finding a job in Europe, Drop’pin@EURES has something for you.

Are you looking to take your first steps into the world of work?

  • Discover hundreds of opportunities, free of charge, for boosting your employability
  • Find out more about a range of organisations across Europe who are looking to invest in young people like you
  • Learn about the support available to upgrade your skills in other European countries
  • Get advice and information on your personal and professional development in the tourism sector

With apprenticeships, traineeships, training programmes, e-learning courses, language training, mentoring and coaching schemes in a range of sectors, as well as support for moving to another country, Drop’pin@EURES is the place to find youth opportunities in Europe.

By signing up to Drop’pin@EURES, you will increase your chances of finding a job in the future that links to your interests and skills, whatever sector you hope to work in.

Sign up for Drop’pin@EURES today and make yourself more employable! Download the leaflet here.


Your first EURES job

If you are a European worker aged 18-35, « Your first EURES job » (YfEj) represents a very effective tool to get in touch with prospective employers from all over Europe. The EUJOB4EU Platform connects you to SMEs offering job or a internship in various sectors, including tourism. Furthermore, YfEj scheme will cover part of the relocation costs and help you adapt to your future work environment, through a variety of initiatives including:

  • Up to 350 € travel allowance, according to the distance from the interview venue, plus 50 € Daily Subsistence Allowance for up to 5 days
  • A Relocation allowance: 700 – 1.400 € according to the cost of living in the country of destination
  • Language training: up to 2.000€ to cover part of the costs of a language course
  • Recognition of your qualification: 400€ to cover the expenses you may incur in the process of recognizing your qualification
  • Supplementary relocation allowance: up to 500€ of reimbursement of eligible costs faced by jobseekers with special needs, which can be related to health, socio-economic conditions or geographical factors
  • Preparatory language or basic training to enhance the candidate’s general competences

Check out all the YfEj opportunities and sign up at EUJOB4EU Platform to view all the job offers waiting for you! Download the guide!

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

If you are planning to set up your own business or have already started one in the last three years, the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs represents a valuable opportunity to start or strengthen a successful business in the EU.

As a new or potential entrepreneur, you will benefit from an on-the-job training in a SME in one of the 36 participating countries. Under the EYE scheme, you will be granted a monthly allowance from 530€ to 1.100€ according to the cost of living in your country of destination, to cover your expenses during your stay abroad.

The project can last from 1 to 6 months, with the possibility to split the stay into slots of a minimum of 1 week spread over a maximum of 12 months. By cooperating with an experienced foreign SME you will not only improve your skills but also benefit from access to new markets, international cooperation and potential opportunities for collaboration with business partners abroad.

Search for your local contact point that will guide you throughout your exchange and let your new experience begin!